Dec 2nd, 2006   Santa Clara Point, Mission Bay
(Bahia Point parking closed for re-paving)

  It was not bad wind for this time of year. About noon the wind started to fill in from the northwest untill we were seeing between 8 and 12 mph; enough to get it a good 4 races and determine our ranking for the year.
I decided to sit this one out and take some pics and set/fetch the marks with my little Zodiac.  We ended up with 7 racers. The self proclaimed "Magnificent" three from LA, and four home grown.
  We set up a windward/leeward course across the bay and used a rabbit start.
Peter wasted little time proving why he is one of the best light wind racers around, winning the first three races and a 2nd to Gabor in the 4th race. Gabor was never far behind with three 2nd's and a 1st. Both Peter and Gabor were sporting 12.5 sails and were planing 95% of the time.
Joe, using his North 11.9,  held off Lasse for 3rd place. Joe was able to keep close to Peter and Gabor upwind, but lacked the power to plan consistently down wind. Despite the light wind, Lasse had to settle for racing his 10.7 when his 12.4 blew up on the beach while rigging. While planing upwind every race, both Joe and Lasse only planed 50% of the time down wind.
Erik beat out Dave O for 5th, while George showed good speed between races but just couldn't seem to get it together while racing, and never officially finished.

SDWA 2006 Season's Final Rankings:
1st - Gabor Vagi
2nd- Lasse Uronen
3rd - Peter Bonello