June 06

Wow! What a day!
The Hilton cranked out
what was probably the
best conditions for racing
there that we've ever
experienced there.
Super steady planable
the whole afternooon.
Gabor rode down from LA
to put on another
impressive display on
just how to win Formula
Races, winning every
race without much serious challange.
With everyone planing, Lasse, Dave D, and Robert were right on top of each other in every race, with Lasse being the more consistent and landing 2nd overall. Dave sat out the last race, leaving the door open for Robert to take 3rd overall, and in a close race, Gabor passed Robert on the final Leeward, forcing a 3rd place tie between Dave and RvK.
Erik put up some good races with excellent beam reaching and downwind legs, but his lack of upwind experience kept him in 5th place.
A great day, a great Regatta!
Hope to see all at Hodges July 8th.