March 4th Regatta, 2006, J-St

I don’t think we’ve ever had better racing conditions. From 11:00 to 4:00, J-St dished out a consistent NW 12-16mph, medium light chop, and a +2 to +3 tide. Sweet!
With sails ranging from 10.8 to 12.5, we started our first race at 1:00. Gabor played rabbit and all got off to a good start. Dave O flew up wind with surprising speed and angle, and after being off the water for the last two months, kicked off the day with a solid win. Gabor finished a comfortable second, followed by Lasse and Dave D. Erik van held off Robert van for fifth, followed by new racer Laurence.

Dave O had it going on Sat, but Gabor was better. In the second race, Gabor flew passed Dave on the down wind to take first. Hard charging Lasse edged out Dave for second, with Dave D finishing an easy fourth, followed by Robert, Erik, and Laurence.

The “back-pack” being exhausted, only Gabor, Dave O, and Lasse started race 3. Both hugging the lay line, Gabor managed to gass Dave on the upwind, forcing Dave to tack away. Gabor made the mark, but the extra tacks cost Dave second to Lasse who sailed the whole race in clean air.

Everyone started race four, with the similar results. Gabor sailed flawlessly to capture first, followed by Dave O and Lasse. Tuan sailed a great race to capture fourth in front of Robert, with Erik and Laurence not far behind.

With a fourth race tucked away, we decided to run a long distance fun race to Glorietta Bay and back. It proved to be quite a trek being about a five mile beat to weather. We all met at a small island by Glorietta. After a safety count and a well-needed rest, we raced back to J-St. Gabor proved the fastest both ways. He made it look easy. For myself, the LD race was a real work out. I thought that the tired arms for the beat (over ½ hour) was the bad part. Not so; the killer was the leg workout on the high speed run back.  The run was sort of like doing a squat with your front leg…for 20 minutes…with the only rest being the change of the front leg when changing tacks. With most of the run on starboard tack, the left leg did most of the grunt work. Needless to say, I’m feeling it today!
Results for the LD race (there/back):
Gabor: 1/1
Lasse: 2/2
Dave D: 3/4
Robert: 4/3
Dave O: 6/6
Erik: 5/7
Tuan: 7/5

Thanks to all for the great Regatta!